Data & Observations
As we document our iPad project at the Franklin Academy, we have received a number of requests for details about our findings related to teacher instruction and impact on student learning. This page will provide some of the information we have gathered from both our students and instructors.

Coming Soon - Teacher Survey Results (These will be connected to the NETS - Teachers)

Student Survey Results from April 2012. (Click the link to see the results)

The tenth grade class completed this survey 24 hours after receiving their iPads.

The eleventh grade students have been using their iPads for most of the current school year.

The twelfth grade students have had the iPads for a minimum of one year, and some for two years.


A few key themes were supported through our survey results -

  • Deployment of iPads in the classrooms increased the exposure and use of technology in the classroom to where the frequency reported by upper classes was 75% often or very often.
  • A general decrease in the need for face-to-face meeting when students are completing group projects, thus increasing student interaction with the material as a group outside the normal classroom times.
  • More electronic resources are accessed by students with iPads, including textbooks, activities, and other materials used in the classroom. This reduces the amount of hard copies made and number of books carried around.
  • Submission of hard copy homework in the classroom reduces with the use of the iPad by the students.
  • Number of separate notebooks maintained and carried around by students on a given day has been reduced.
  • Students prefer to type their notes from classes versus handwriting them. They then can save and store their notes electronically.