Teaching & Learning with the iPad


The Franklin Academy sponsors iPad focused conferences to help demonstrate and train educators on the best practices with the iPad in the classroom. Individual school or system training can be done. If interested in training your staff, please contact Dave Mahaley.

Some Sample Sessions From Past Trainings and Conferences
Teaching & Learning with the iPad (Separate Sessions for Elementary, Middle and High School Level)
These sessions will focus on the mechanics of using the iPad in the learning environment - whether 1:1, class sets, or teacher only device configurations. Session leaders are teachers who use the iPad with students daily and will share the best practices gathered from their experiences. All applications reviewed will have a cross-curricular focus tied to the Elementary, Middle or High School level.
Productivity Sessions
These sessions will be led by experts with specific apps such as Evernote, Edmodo, Apps for Annotating, Assessment Applications, Communication Apps and others found to be most useful both professionally and with students in the classroom. Participants will come away with a broad understanding of the app and how it can be utilized professionally as well as with their students in the classroom. Workshop participants will choose from a selection of themed sessions available.
Amazing App Review
This session will highlight apps found to be most useful with students at various grade levels. Applications will be connected to enhance your effort to implement local and Common Core Curriculum, and facilitate the integration of Revised Blooms Taxonomy into instruction with the iPad. These are the apps already being used in classrooms across the country and have a proven track record of providing results in the classroom. Participants will see the best the iPad can offer in app selections for teaching & learning.
Flipping the Classroom & the iPad
Discover how the iPad in the hands of the students can facilitate flipped learning experiences. Learning can extend well beyond the normal class time and provide students with rich experiences through the guidance of the instructor and the utilization of a few key applications.
Curating & Creating Materials for the iPad
Templates, forms, and other tools will be shared and discussed as to how the iPad can play a role in the instructional planning process. See how instructors can take existing materials and optimize them for the ipad, create their own “iPad friendly” documents, and explore innovative ways to bring content to the student iPad user.
Support & Management of iPads: Lessons from IT
Discover the best practices in iPad support from those who have experience in large-scale deployments within schools. Find out options for trouble shooting, maintenance, and remote management of the device to keep the educational tool operating for maximum benefit to the students. Find out what information is most important to disseminate to teachers and students to produce responsible, efficient users.
Learn From Student Users
The proof is in the pudding! Do the iPads really make a difference in the educational experience of the students? Hear first hand from students who have used the iPad for 1, 2 and 3 years as they demonstrate apps and tasks they find most useful each day in their classes.
Student Showcase
See the iPad in action with a selection of students demonstrating the applications and workflow found in their school. Students will provide detailed information about how they use the various applications mentioned in the workshops in their classes.
New Resource for Teachers! - Teaching & Learning with the iPad: Instructors Quick Guide (NOW AVAILABLE)
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