What the students have to say about their use of the iPad...

"The iPads has been a very efficient way of taking notes quicker and staying a lot more organized as a student. Very benefial to the students."

"The iPad has helped to eliminate that clutter that would build up in my notebook and it makes note organization a whole lot easier. It helps students to effectively communicate with their teachers if they need help, and it can be used for some easy research during lunch, or flex."

"The iPad provides a great resource for accessing online information and incorporating aspects of the internet into the classroom. However, finding better and more useful apps can be challenging. A more detailed summary can be found in the Discussion tab."

"the iPad has been a great way to research in the classroom. I have found it very convient to be able to type notes instead of handwriting them, as I am a much faster typer than writer, and have also found myself in other classes wishing that I had it-for notes, voice recording, etc. in the case that one day we can use an iPad in all of our classes, and also have all of our textbooks available on them, I don't think there would be much need for a back pack anymore (yay)."

I have found that my iPad has made organization much easier. With everything I need within one device I no longer need to carry around the dreaded notebook. With cloud storage and an app for easily anything I could need in school, I have been able to enjoy my schooling experience more so than the 20th century curriculum. ~ Joshua

My iPad has made my life much more organized. With this device, I can finally get rid of the clutter in my backpack and I won't lose my homework so often. But it will take a while to adjust to. But in the meantime, I look forward to being able to use the iPad in all my classes.- Josh

"It is incredibly useful for research and note-taking in the classroom, especially in my French, History, and English classes. Having the Internet at your fingertips is very useful, and the iPad in many ways has increased efficiency in the classroom."

Using the ipads in class has opened new doors for the possibility of instantaneous referencing abilities for in class materials such as maps and historical documents. After using this device, I have found that using the iPad in class has provided an easy access to be able to surf the web, take notes as well as create and present projects. Being able to change apps and navigate to different pages throughout the iPad has been great. Also the iPad serves as a great way to be organized with notes, projects, etc. - Alex

The iPad, as well as the new "cloud in the sky", known as Dropbox, has allowed me to access useful information no matter where I am. If I am at home and working late to finish homework, I don't have to worry about whether or not I used a jump drive. I can simply open up my Dropbox account and pull up my document. The iPad allows me to work on my own project with my own tool at my own pace. It also allows me to save my documents to my home computer from school.

"I have not lost a single assignment while using the iPad. Years before, I was unorganized and frequently lost homework. The iPads have kept my grade from dropping this year."