"The speedy availability of multimedia and Internet makes the iPad an excellent tool for any classroom."
- Mr. Hall

"In a global information environment, the old pattern of education in answer finding is one of no avail: one is surrounded by answers, millions of them, moving and mutating at electric speed. Survival and control will depend on the ability to probe and to question in the proper way and place." -- M. McLuhan This quotation is found in "Marshall McLuhan: Cosmic Media" By Janine Marchessault. page 224 The ipad is one of the new patterns/tools for answer finding in education in the 21st century!
- Mrs. Furr

"The iPad offers many opportunities to integrate technology into classroom lessons and further student engagement and understanding of the material. Students are able to take more initiative for their own learning and research in the fact that they have a world of digital resources right at their finger tips!"

"Finding the correct apps is the most time consuming component of incorporating the iPads in the classroom. But the quick accessibility of the platform quickly overcomes these early setup issues."
- Mr. Hall

"iPads can eliminate some of the excuses for not turning in work from the students. With the students having personal access to the internet and a place to store documents, there is little room to accept excuses."

"I appreciate the creative flexibility with lessons, increased access to information and resources and overall efficiency of assessment, both formal and informal, that the iPad allows."

"My students are now able to go to a scientific or historical reference immediately- this allows for a more thorough understanding of the literature and more compelling classroom discussion. It is exciting to watch them type in a key word and immediately find a document to support a point."
- Ms. Hentz

"The iPad can be an invaluable tool in transforming language learning into as near an "immersion" experience as possible. There are apps which bring in foreign language television, news, magazines, and Skype, as well as a plethora of virtual visits, all easily accessible from a student's home."